Chi-X Japan is operating trading venues for Japanese equities.

We are a market operator independent of any brokers and/or trading firms, focusing on fair and transparent market operation. Currently, we operate multiple markets; all are for trading Japanese equities but each is serving to different needs of market participants.

Japan introduced the concept of PTS with an expectation that competition among trading venues would strengthen the efficiency and resiliency of the entire Japanese equities market. Our goal is to support our participants’ fiduciary duties and to contribute to Japanese equity market and ultimately to the stable growth of national wealth through healthy market competition and reduction of trading cost.

Company Overview

Name Chi-X Japan Limited
Address Shin-Toyo Akasaka Building 7F 4-9-25 Akasaka Minato-ku Tokyo 107-0052 Japan
President Toru Irokawa
Ownership Chi-X Asia Pacific Holdings 100%
PTS authorization date July 5, 2010
Start date of PTS operation July 29, 2010

Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board Thierry Porte
(Managing Director, J.C. Flowers & Co.)
Representative Director Toru Irokawa
Director David Morgan
(Executive Chairman, J.C. Flowers & Co.)
Director (external) Takatoshi Ito
(Professor, Columbia University; Senior Professor, GRIPS)
Director (external) Amy Nishida
(Former Citigroup Global Markets Japan IB, COO)
Auditor (external) Thomas Whitson
(Former KPMG Partner, Former President of ACCJ)

About “Chi-X” brand and its history of contribution to equity trading worldwide

This brand is derived from the Greek letter “χ” (“Chi” in English) symbolizing the crossing of two sides, new/old and sell/buy.

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